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Experiential Leadership & Team Building Testimonials

Mel Sullivan-Walker
UNC Greensboro, ​5th Year Doctoral Student
Center for Creative Leadership Link to Lead

Jennie Jones
​UNC Greensboro, 5th Year Doctoral Student
Center for Creative Leadership Link to Lead

Kimberly Graham
Coca-Cola Refreshments

Licensing Systems &

QA Analyst

Susan Whatley
The Coca-Cola Company
Information Technology
Systems Support Specialist

Denise Wilmont
Coca-Cola Refreshments
Information Technology
Platform Manager

Vernetta Head
The Coca-Cola Company
The Bottling Investments IT
Executive Admin Assistant

Kelly Greene
The Coca-Cola Company
​Global Workplace Strat & Ops Event Production Manager

Star Norton
The Coca-Cola Company
​​Global Workplace Strategy

& Ops Admin Assistant

Christian Rapp
The Coca-Cola Company
US Sales & Operations Dept
Logistics Planner

Deb Mesdea
Coca-Cola Refreshments
Shared Services Account Exec
Business Process Director

Melissa Hodges-Smithson 
Junior League Knoxville

​"They are so great.  The class was super interactive.  We were able to develop our relationships within the League among members."

Julie Nee
Sales, T&D, Facilitator, Speaker at

The Jon Gordon Companies

​"I think something like this is not only for people who want to learn to defend themselves, but really for teams and team building where you can...grow personally [and] professionally by interacting and encouraging each other in a different, much more

physical way, but cool."

Junior League Knoxville

​"We did a lot of teamwork building exercises, trying to hold each other back while motivating each other to move forward."

Corporate Active Shooter Defense Testimonials

Brian Wright
President & CEO at BBB of
​Northwest North Carolina

Kelly Mace
Operations Manager at BBB of
​Northwest North Carolina

Wanda Stephens
Better Business Bureau of
Northwest North Carolina

Stefan Wolf
Business Key Account Manager at
​3F North America (English)

Stefan Wolf
Business Key Account Mangager bei
3F Nordamerika (deutsch)

Dara Huneycutt
Providence Animal Hospital

Corporate Tactical Self Defense Testimonials

Tina Santiago

 ​Lawtrac Administrator
​Ingersoll Rand, Davidson Campus

Cassondra Thurmond
Associate Product Manager SealedAir
​"It's a great organization.  They teach men & women great self defense skills they can use in their personal life."

Celeste Buykin
​Student Support Coach
Communities in Schools of Atlanta

Abi Olukeye
​Ingersoll Rand
 ​"...I'm empowered now to have all these tools...(and) feel like I have a better chance now of protecting myself."

Yosele Tapia
​Ingersoll Rand
​​​"[Armored Self Defense] really helps you think of the mindset of being more aware and how you'd go about defending yourself."

Debbie Pittman
Leadership Dev Team
Ingersoll Rand

​"I just took an Armored Self Defense class and really loved it!"

Kat Harris
Procurement Specialist - Ingersoll Rand
​"I learned that I can use my body, even with limitations, even with pre-existing health conditions, to defend myself."

​Betrice Gardner
Ingersoll Rand

​Derec C Oby
XY Zone Site Coordinator
Communities in Schools of

Shonobe Morgan
Student Support Coach
Communities in Schools of Atlanta

Federica Teodori
Site Coordinator
Communities in Schools of Atlanta

Denise Wright
Senior Program Manager
Communities in Schools of Atlanta

Audio Testimonials

​Renee Watts
Retail Client Services

​Advantage Sales & Marketing

​"I came away with a lot more in an hour and a half than I could have ever imagined." 

​Heather Whaley
Principal, Hunt Executive
Search, Inc., Top 1% Exec
Recruiters, Hunt Exec Search

​​"We learned some real practical skills.  Things I think I can employ if I need to."

​Teddi Mathes 
Customer Executive


​"...this is really unique.  My favorite part was how after we got to practice the techniques, they incorporated it into the corporate aspect."

​Aishariya Bandyopadhyay
Associate Product Manager

"I found that I was getting more confidence by being in this

class with these trainers."

Written Testimonials

"THANK YOU ALL!  WE ENJOYED IT VERY MUCH AND LEARNED A LOT!   WE’RE STILL TALKING ABOUT HOW IMPRESSIVE IT WAS!!  Sorry you had to get pummeled Connie but the realistic aggression by Travis and your reactions to it help tremendously!  Those actions help us to see that we too can protect ourselves even when we have no 'weapon'."

Robin Safrit

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this Lunch & Learn!  It was very helpful in giving me more confidence in how to handle potentially dangerous situations."

Noelene Grosso
Golf Ballantyne

"The self-defense seminar yesterday was excellent!  Thanks for bringing Connie and Travis in for the demonstration and thoughtful tips on prevention and protection!"

Tamrah Eichinger
Sr. Business Analyst
Snyders Lance

"I have taken a different class before but are a lot of things that I learned yesterday that I didn’t previously know! You guys are great!...Thank you again for such an informative and empowering session!"

Jennifer Niemi
Senior Administrative Assistant
The Hanover Insurance Group

"Thank you for the very informative lunch and learn. It made me feel more confident in myself and better equipped to handle an unfortunate situation. I know that there is so much more that I can learn."

Jodie Hannus
Office Manager
The Sherbert Group

“Great job!  Thank you!”

Jaclyn Cooter
Senior Account Director
News America Marketing

“This was great!  Wish it could have been longer!”

​Renee Watts
Retail Client Services Manager
​Advantage Sales & Marketing

“It was great.  Wish we could have had more time.”

​Norika Fisher
Sr. Manager, Workforce Management/Merchandising Communications/Strategic Merchandising Projects​
Family Dollar

“Loved the encouragement”

Aishanya Bandyopadhyay
Associate Product Manager

“Glad I made it!  You’re awesome!”

​​Ellen Klinzing
Director, Regional Sales East
Prestige Brands, Inc.

“All of it was very valuable.  Needed more time, perhaps a part 2 or more.”

Teddi Mathes
Customer Executive

“It was great!”

​Carrie Shoemaker
District Manager
Mondelez International

“Very well done. Practical and clever to encourage people to rotate and change partners.  Great Q&A.”

​Heather Whaley
Principal, Hunt Executive Search, Inc., Top 1% of Executive Recruiters, Retained Search & Diversity Practice Leader
Hunt Executive Search, Inc.

“I enjoyed all of it!  Excellent class!  Great job!  Engaging, fast-paced and good information!”

​Barbara Rusnak
Sales and Replenishment Analyst

Ahold Delhaize

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